Lesson #1:No Use Crying Over Spilled Ink

Beginning the first draft is the worst!  I realize it’s called “rough” for a reason, but I hate it.  FYI – I’m blogging for myself here, for my own accountability, for my own sanity.  Reminding myself to stick to my goals and my plan of attack.  I’m not sure how I got to this point of being so afraid to put words down on the page because they might *GASP* be crap on the first go ’round.  Nevertheless, I’m here.  So, my first lesson reminder for my writing health is that I do not need to agonize over my words when I’m just writing out the first draft.  Crying over spilled ink (or in my case the minute physical energy it takes to tap out words on my laptop) is counterproductive.  Crying can come later when it’s time to whip this puppy into shape.  (Not that I would actually whip an actual puppy and think that’s horrible phrasing…)

I’m going to try something different this week. I have time to write.  I’m just going to write.  See where it goes.